Core Programs We Hope to Run


Professional Networking
Buy or Bring Your Own Coffee to our bi-weekly lunch break downtown at Innovation Works London.

Work to collaborate, support and encourage those in this group.

Be sure to signup fast as this runs as a six-month group and positions are limited.


Sober Karaoke Club
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Rainbow Sports Club
Gathering at establishments to watch major national/international games to visits at local stadiums and watch the game in person. Work with local teams to produce Pride Nights, Games or Challenges.

Formal Workshops
Facilitated workshops and skill-building classes with qualified professionals assisted by those with lived experienced when possible.

Isolation Breakers
Sometimes it is best to just get out and about in fresh air. Join us for our walks, hikes and visits to various areas in the city.

HUBS+ LGBT2Q+ Human Rights Network
As​ we can't make it out to everyone in World, our cart(s) will help connect those in smaller communities throughout the county. Others can log on and gain access to valuable resources and learning activities.

Special Events
We make it to events throughout the year to help reach those that may not feel comfortable going to one of our events.

We are not a registered nonprofit or charity. We are in the works of Incorporation and run as a community group.


© 2020 Why We March LGBT. Proudly Canadian.

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