Endorsement of the #UequalsU Campaign

August 12, 2018

As an organization studying LGBT2Q+ history, we cannot leave out the impact that HIV has on our community. We also know the lasting impact it has and continues to have without the proper access to detection and treatment. We also acknowledge the growing opioid crisis that has had a major impact on communities across North America and countries abroad. That is why we are proud to endorse and support the #UequalsU Campaign; which goal is to use science at the forefront and educate the public that with proper medical care and treatment that when your viral load is Undetectable, the virus is Untransmittable.

Since it’s creation, the campaign has brought together scientists, doctors, researchers and organizations across the world. A global community that is working together on preventing not only the spread of HIV; but also, to reduce the stigma of those affected.

In the city in which we are based, London Ontario; Londoners have a variety of ways they can be tested in the city as well as gain access to medical professionals, counselors and supports if a positive test is returned. The city is also home to Southwestern Ontario’s only Safe Injection Site; which not only saves lives in the event of an overdose but provides an environment that elements the risk of infection through shared needles.

In the coming months leading up the cities annual vigil on December 1st to remember those we have lost to the epidemic, we will be reaching out and connecting with the various organizations/groups to see how we can help reduce the stigma and prevent losing more of our community members.

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