WW2 Concentration Camps

Though the numbers are only estimates, between 1933 and 1945, 100 000 men were arrested for being homosexuals. 50 000 of which were convicted and sentenced to hard labour in Nazi concentration camps; 15 000 never made it home. To this day, the numbers above have been questioned, discredited and ignored; even though one leading scholar believes the death rate to be higher than reported. There has also been little study among how many gay men also identified within the Jewish faith.

Sadly, in many countries after being freed from Nazi Concentration Camps, the men were once again subjected to persecution for being gay and sentenced to time behind bars.

We will never forget the ultimate sacrifice these men made, as well as the sacrifices of the men and women that fought for their freedom.

That fight continues, and in 72 countries around the world you can be arrested, tortured or killed for simply being gay.

We need to restart the global movement for freedom, the freedom to be who we are and love who we wish; no matter where we reside in the world.

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