We are very pleased to begin work on our #LocalHistoryLesson project where we will be collecting local LGBT2Q+ history from across North America.

We are looking for organizations to partner with us as well as a sponsor for the 2019 portion of the project (multiple years available).

Our plan is to compile a minimum of one lesson per city/town/region with links to the local organizations collecting information and artifacts in that area. Local history lessons will then be shared on our website, social media and at events.

If your organization is interested in getting involved, or if you would like more information. Please contact us +here+

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Does Your Organization Collect History?

We are also putting together a resource directory of organizations worldwide collecting history and artifacts of the LGBT2Q+ community.

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Becoming a Member

In the coming months we will be opening up the organization to two levels of membership: Basic; and Supporting Member.

Volunteer With Us

We have a variety of ways that you can get involved. We are currently looking for volunteers to serve on our board, outreach and research teams.

Sponsor a Project

Is your company interested in helping us accomplish our goals? A sponsorship package will be released in August.